An Invitation to all citizens in Europe

Rally in Spain

For a GMO Free Food, Agriculture and Environment


Spain 17th of April 2010

What: The Plataforma Rural, all its member organisations and Greenpeace invite all organisations and people in Europe to join a massive rally asking for a moratorium on all genetically engineered (GE) crops in Spain and Europe. In the two weeks prior to the rally, activities will take place across Spain and Europe dedicated to GE-free food and agriculture.

Why Spain: Spain holds the Presidency of the Union, and is also the EU champion of GE. When,

  • the Barroso EU Commission approves a GE potato with antibiotic-resistant genes against the will of EU citizens and governments and planning to authorize more GE crops
  • GE cultivation decrease in Europe in 2009. Spain keeps tolerating 76,000 hectares of commercial GE maize cultivation
  • GE are contaminating conventional and organic maize and putting our environment, our health and agriculture at risk.

Citizens will rally in Madrid to ask the Spanish government to stop the growing of GE maize and to call for an EU-wide moratorium on GE crops.

The Spanish and European civil society demand the Spanish Presidency to stop ignoring the risks that GE crops pose to agriculture, public health and the environment. Once GE crops are released, they can contaminate the entire food chain and the environment beyond the borders of one country. The future of agriculture and our food is GE-Free.

When & Where: The Madrid rally will take place on the 17th of April at 11h30 from Puerta de Alcalá (next to Retiro Park) to the Environment Ministry.

A program of activities in Spain will be available in our coalition joint page: https://noquierotransgenicos.wordpress.com/

Organisers: Plataforma Rural (COAG, Friends of the Earth, Ecologistas en Acción  and many other civil society, environment, consumers and development organisations) and Greenpeace

Contact point: Cara Sims (cara.sims@greenpeace.org)

Please distribute this invitation as widely as possible to all your friends, colleagues and organizations that oppose GE crops and GE food.

You are all invited to Madrid on the 17th of April.